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Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center
Broken Timber History

Rooms at Broken Timber
1.   Museum
2.   Naturalist
3.   Making of Fishing Lures
4.   Ohio State Trappers Association
5.   Passport to Fishing
6.   Bait Room
7.   Kitchen
8.   Hunter Education
9.   Rods & Reels  (can be signed out to use)
10. Instructor's room
11. Conference room
12. Sara Jacobs Memorial Library
13. Trapper Education
14. Lead Melting room (fully ventalated)

Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center was established in 2005 by Mike Willis and Sarah Jacobs.
The Broken Timber name comes from George Washington, while surveying the Clairington area, Washington
noticed all the falling down trees and broken timber.
Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center's mission is to educate, train students, and practice safety for all students who love the great outdoors.

B.T.O.E.C. Welcoms Field trip for schools, 4-H events, FFA. and Birthday parties.

The Center is open Monday from 5pm - 8pm or by appointment. Call
740-228-1460 or 740-483-1545




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